Good Nutrition Is Vital

The one thing that you can control which will directly affect your pet’s health and wellbeing is nutrition. The power of good (or bad) nutrition cannot be underestimated as it has such a massive immediate impact. Cells are being made every second of every day and the raw materials that they use can only come from what you feed your dog. Cells also (naturally)die every day and the body needs an efficient way to get rid of that debris which, again, relies on having the correct raw materials.

Dogs love variety! Different meats/offal/raw bones, maybe some raw/cooked eggs now and again, fruits and vegetables. Can you imagine feeding yourself, or your child, the same dry food, twice a day with no liquid added and just water to drink? How quickly would you be bored of that? And how quickly would you miss fresh food?

Dogs are designed to eat raw meat and their digestive systems are really great at handling bacteria. We feed our own dogs a raw food diet and they absolutely love it! One of our girls literally bounces on her back legs with excitement at every meal time! The raw tripe they have acts as a probiotic and provides essential friendly bacteria to help their gut function effectively. The other raw meats they have (everything from duck and rabbit to kangaroo) provide essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are vital to keep them in good health. 

We also add vegetables to their diet (broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale) to provide fibre which helps the body eliminate toxins (from those cells which naturally die off and from environmental sources). Broccoli contains an element called indole-3-carbinol which is anti carcinogenic, carrots and sweet potato contain antioxidants to help maintain healthy cells and spinach and kale contain magnesium which is essential for supporting numerous chemical reactions in the body.

When we developed our treats, it was (and is) so important to us to only use nutritionally beneficial ingredients. We wanted nothing that would negatively impact our own dog’s health. It is vital to us that our dogs only eat natural products, so no processed foods. And the same goes for the treats they have. We use the minimum amount of ingredients, all of which are plant based and nutritionally beneficial – in our view, you and your dog can’t get better than that! 

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