Our Silver Snouts

Looking after elderly dogs can be tough. They can no longer run and play as they did and it’s heartbreaking to see them slow down. However, the key to keeping them with you for as long as they can stay comes down to keeping them healthy and comfortable.

The Pont & Pierce team are now all 12 years old, with our little terrier coming up to 13. We have had to adapt our home to cope with aching joints (lots of bits of non slip carpet on the wooden floors and tiles) and add in supplements to help keep them all mobile. We have found the legendary Golden Paste to be an absolute godsend! This paste is made with turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper and boiling water and, I can honestly say, has made a huge difference to our creakiest girl. We also have a wonderful lady, called Debbie Waters, who comes once a month to give her a therapeutic massage which has been vital to her continued mobility. Debbie is registered with the Canine Massage Guild and her website is www.fosziescaninemassage.co.uk.

As well as practical measures, feeding your dog the most natural food you can ensures that they have the right tools with which to stay healthy. Their immune system will be able to fight off any pathogens and it provides the best source of vitamins to help those creaking joints, aching backs and slower digestive systems.

So the message is feed the best quality, natural food (and treats!) that you can and adapt your home a little to keep those precious, elderly ladies and gents in the comfort they deserve.