Our new Pont & Pierce Charcoal Treats

We are absolutely chuffed to bits to let you know about our new charcoal treats. They are made with the same fabulous ingredients as our Original flavour, to which we’ve added activated charcoal so they only contain just 5 ingredients

  • Sweet potato – high in fibre and antioxidants
  • Coconut flour – lovely healthy fats to provide energy
  • Pumpkin seeds – more lovely fats to support healthy joints and cell production
  • Parsley – more fibre, vitamins and minerals and also helps to support fresh breath
  • Charcoal – to support digestion

If your dog has ever had a funny tummy, you may well have come across activated charcoal as it is used in cases of digestive upset. Charcoal is activated by treating it at very high temperatures which
makes it incredibly porous and allows toxins to bind to the charcoal. The body is unable to absorb activated charcoal and so the toxins that have attached themselves to the charcoal are then excreted.
These new charcoal treats are suitable for all dogs including those

  • With allergies
  • With sensitive tummies
  • With pancreatitis
  • With liver/kidney issues
  • On a diet low in phosphorous
  • On an elimination diet
  • And for weaned puppies

They come in two sizes

  • Regular bone shaped
  • Small bite bone shaped

We hope you dogs love them just as much as ours do!