Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treats suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies and/or allergies?

Our treats only contain a minimal number of ingredients, sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, coconut flour and parsley. The beetroot flavour has the addition of beetroot and the broccoli and spirulina flavour have these two additional Ingredients. The ingredients that we use are not normally considered allergens. We don’t use any wheat, dairy, animal protein, eggs or oats at all. Many customers have found that their dogs with allergies or sensitivities have eaten our treats without any reaction. However, all dogs are individuals and we would always recommend trying tiny pieces to start with.

Are they suitable for puppies?

Provided your puppy is fully weaned they should be fine. We would recommend starting off with little pieces initially and keeping a bowl of fresh water available.

Do the treats contain chicken?

No, they don’t contain any animal protein at all.

How long do they stay fresh once opened?

We send them out in resealable bags which are heat sealed before leaving us. Once opened, they will stay fresh for several months as long as they remain sealed in the bag and airtight. Remember to reseal the bag each time you treat your dog.

How many treats per day would you recommend?

It depends on the size of your dog. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of natural fibre therefore you should start off with smaller pieces (we break the treats up for our own dogs) while your dog is getting used to them. All dogs are individual and so it’s best to start slowly.  

Can I use the treats for training?

Yes, they are perfect for training, just remember to break them into smaller pieces. You may need to take into account your dogs daily food intake to ensure you are not overfeeding them.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to despatch all orders within 48 hours so you should receive them within 4-6 days. We will email you once your order has been despatched.

Do you do any other flavours?

We are currently developing other flavours on top of the four that we have already. Watch this space.

I’d love to stock these in my shop, what do I need to do?

Perfect! We would love to hear from you. Just get in touch with us by phone or email so we can discuss a wholesale price. 

Do you send your treats outside of the UK?

Unfortunately we are only able to send our treats to postal addresses within the UK.